Groovy travel advice from backpackers. One of the best sites for information regarding sex while traveling. Some of it a bit racy, but extremely informative.
MargyleUnBound – Funny and insightful travel blog.
Alex in Wonderland – Tales of working and playing around the world.
Flip Nomad – Specialing in budget travel and being awesome. Travelling does not need to be expensive. A pretty lady who travels the world “Where in the world is Lola?” Why travel the hard way when everything can be much more smooth and easy 🙂 A funny girl with a lot to say about traveling around the world. The infamous Will Peach and his adventures in learning Spanish. Another fantastic travel related site. Lots and lots of top 5 or 10 lists on what to do in certain destinations. Destination guides by some of the top bloggers on the web.
Banana Roti – A delicious food blog to read
Unedited Journeys – A more personal blog written by Flip Nomad
Beach Holidays in Asia – Niche blog about Asian beaches from an expert beach master. Do you like food? Going to Chicago anytime soon? You might want to take a look at this. Don’t get drunk, get awesome! Your party destination guide. Challenging oneself through travel and personal goals. Tips on how to prepare for travel abroad. Best travel tips and advice. Green travel information. Cities to travel to. The best Villas and Hotels around the world. All things travel. Your typical awesome travel blog. A Backpacking travel addict who enjoys off the beaten path Samuel & Audrey backpack around the world as a team Learn about teaching English abroad and traveling overseas Tips and advice to help improve your travel photography Make money and travel the world Europe and abroad travel guides – A blog for surfers and travellers alike. Guide to traveling America and abroad Destination guide to traveling Britain and abroad Tips and guides for traveling the world RTW travel blog featuring photos, videos, stories & more  Daily smiling faces travel photos from around the world An adventure travel blog run by two of the surfers who also dable in photography. A San Diego blog all about food. Giving the best info on all the food and drink that San Diego has to offer.
America For Travelers
Britain For Travellers
Europe For Travellers
Travel Photography Tips
World For Travelers
Anns Sunny Day
Baby Travels
Budget Travel Blog
City Travel
Couple Travel
Cultural Travel blog
Crazy About Travel
Creative Escape
Cycling Nomad
End Of The Road
Exploring City
Family Travel Blog
Geek Travel
Girls Guide To The World
Groove is in the Art
Inspirational Travel
Memorable Destinations
Minimal Travel
My Personal Growth
Short Holiday Breaks
The First Adventure
The Gypsy Nomads
The Long Trip Home
The Modern Runaway
The Zero Boss
This is The World We Live in
Tourism Picks
Travel and Tea
Travel for Women
Travel Ojos
Trip Planning
Travel Tips for Canadians
Up For Anything
Volunteer and Travel
World Travel Place
Xtra Bold Travels
It’s Lovely Annie Travel Blog
Plane News
Off The Beaten Path Travel
The Prague Wanderer

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