Chile is one of the best places to visit now if you are planning for your upcoming holidays. But if you have never been to the country, you would find yourself in a sort of dilemma. Why? Because the land of Chilean people is full of amazing destinations. Now, it is impossible to visit every single important site in the country in just one trip.

Chile is a fabulous country for food and landscape. There are plenty of places to visit in Chile, so it is better to opt for a Motorhome or Campervan for your entire visit. It will save your time as well as you can visit more places in a  short period of time.  Motorhome insurance is mandatory to safeguard yourself and your van if anything goes wrong. There are some primary differences between motor vehicle insurance and motor home insurance you must know that before taking insurance for your  caravan.  You need to compare caravan insurance quotes online for better quote.

So, don’t even think it. But, what is possible is to visit some great tourist attractions in Chile to make your trip worth remembering. We seek to get you out of this dilemma by suggesting a number of amazing places in the country. So, read on.

Must-visit places in Chile


The first name that comes to mind is Santiago. It is the cultural capital of the country and one of the most popular tourist spots here. It is a known fact that Santiago serves as the amusement center of this nation. Thus, needless to say, you will have a lot of options to make your stay truly enjoyable. There are museums and galleries that you can visit and have a quality time. If you like shopping or eating, don’t worry. The place has many great shops and eateries. Not only that but Santiago is also known for having some of the best hotels today. So, maintaining your luxury won’t be an issue.

And, it is only starting. Do you know the best part? Santiago is located in the heart of the country so transportation won’t be an issue either. Thus, you can visit any place from here very easily. This enables you to spend some time in Santiago, have some fun, and then proceed to visit other attractions. All these make Santiago a great city to visit during your stay in this South American country.

The Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works

There’s another great site in the country that you might not want to miss during your trip. That is the Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works. FYI, you can find this site near the northern part of Iquique city. However, you got to go to the middle of the isolated Pampa desert first. UNESCO declared this place back in 2005.

A bustling community lived in this stunning and mesmerizing place was once. For over six decades, many workers toiled as hostile in the Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works. These included workers from Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. During this period, these workers created a new culture. That culture was very distinct from other cultures. You can find it preserved on this site. So, you will feel like going back in time and understand its history better. It will cost you around 2,368 USD to enter the site. But the experience you take home with you will stay in your mind for a long time.


Here, we gave you a list of some of the best destinations in Chile. Visit them ASAP and make your holidays worth remembering. Good luck!

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