things to do in Guatemala

Amazing Things to do in Guatemala

Guatemala is a place filled with natural beauty. This place is famous for the ancient ruins, charming colonial towns, active volcanoes, vibrant native cultures. Many people crave to visit this beautiful place. Guatemala has endless adventurous activities. So, if you are planning to visit Guatemala, then you have chosen an incredible place. It is worth Continue Reading

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Why Kissimmee is the Best Place to buy a Holiday home

One of the most important factors that people consider while purchasing or renting out a holiday home is its return on investment. One of the favourite places in the world for holiday homes is Kissimmee, followed by Barcelona (a European favourite) and Cornwall in the United Kingdom. Schofields, an online holiday home insurance provider has Continue Reading

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How to Make Money When Travelling Abroad

Travelling is something many people dream about doing but, other than the occasional cruise, never actually get around to. The reason for it usually comes down to one thing: money. The costs alone of travelling are quite hefty, but the real killer is that while you spend time travelling you’re not spending time making money. Continue Reading

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