Taking a road trip throughout the U.S. is more than meets the eye. Our country may be one of the youngest, but it’s seen its share of history. We’ve had colonists battle the frontiers, a revolutionary war and a civil war. Combined with the natural beauty of many of our national parks, and there is plenty to explore.

This month, on August 25, the National Park System will celebrate its centennial anniversary. Rather than taking several days to go to the beach or somewhere you’ve gone a million times before, consider going to one (or several) of the 59 national parks under the national parks system. There is amazing wild life to see, great ecosystems to witness, and beautiful landscape to soak in. It’s amazing to think what lays in our own backyard. Why daydream about Europe or other far off places when so much beauty is within driving distance.

Each year, the national parks become increasingly popular. In 2015, over 307 people made recreational trips to locations within the national park system. The good thing about this is that the acreage of many of these locations are so vast, that it doesn’t even feel crowded—unlike many other tourist areas, both state-side and abroad.

Whether you want to see a moose, bison; venture out to see Old Faithful or Mount Rushmore; or finally witness the beauty of places like Niagara Falls, it’s time to take a trip and explore the vast U.S. It’s even more special now, with this centennial celebration underway.Web

Source: http://www.choosehomesecurity.com/nationalparksinfographic

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