Chettinad, situated in Coastal Tamil Nadu, is a locale of the Sivaganga area well known for its vacation destinations – the customary castles and chateaus which mirror the eminence and richness of a past period. The vacation spots in Chettinad will help the voyager reproduce and envision the straightforward yet tasteful existence of the rich Chettiar people group of Tamil Nadu.

Some of the interesting tourist attractions in Chettinad are its museums. The Kamban Mani Mandapam, where the renowned Tamil poet and Writer, Kavi Chakravarty Kamban spent a major part of his life. The Kamban Mani Mandapam built in his honour, holds literary programmes on a regular basis. Then, there is the Kaviarsar Kannadhasan Mani Mandapam, built in honour of late poet-laureate, which has an Art Gallery and a library. Chettinad Museum is a must-visit place. Once a Chettinad house, it is now open to the public and gives one the rare chance of walking into the rooms of a Chettinad house with an amazing collection of artifacts – traditional jewellery, clothing, huge copper vats and grain bins.

In the event that you wish to perceive how the well known Athangudi tiles are made, you ought to make an excursion to Athangudi. A visit to a tile processing plant of this place will help you take in the craft of making and drying these handmade patterned terracotta tiles.

Journeys from Chettinad can be made to the little, lovely town of Devakottai, found near Karaikudi, close Rameswaram National Highway Road in the Chettinad area. The boulevards of Devakottai manage the cost of one the delight of strolling through a common Chettiar path fixed with old Chettinad chateaus; the most celebrated being Periya Minor’s Veedu finished with Spanish tiled rooftop, Italian floor tiles and cut teak columns. The Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple built in 1872 is a fascination here and is celebrated for the 108 statues of Vinayak.

Places to See in Chettinad

Athmanathaswamy Temple


This temple of Lord Shiva was implicit the tenth century and is devoted to Lord Shiva. The sanctuary is mainstream for its insides and in addition outside engravings. The top of the sanctuary is made of stone, which adds a uniqueness to it. There are paintings on the dividers and its roofs depend on the life of the colossal enthusiast of Lord Shiva, Saint Manickavasagar.

Chettiar Clan Temple

There are a sum of nine sanctuaries of the Chettiar faction spread more than nine towns in the Chettinad district. The spots where these sanctuaries are arranged incorporate Velankudi, Soorakudi, Nemam and others. The Pandya lords allowed every one of these sanctuaries to the nearby Chettiar people group.

Karpagavinayagar Temple

This is a sanctuary of Lord Ganesha. It is arranged in Pillayarpatti. This is an early case of a stone cut sanctuary engineering and positions among one of the most seasoned give in sanctuaries of the condition of Tamil Nadu.


It is a town in Chettinad, which is acclaimed for its exceptional high quality earthenware tiles. The claim to fame of these tiles is that they are sun-dried and wonderfully designed, which give them a conventional and engaging surface. Bond, sand, tummy jam and manufactured oxides are utilized to make these one of a kind vivid tiles. The act of making these refined tiles are a piece of the customary action at Chettinad and along these lines, will be seen decorating Chettiars’ tribal houses liberally.

Kamban Mani Mandapam

This temple was constructed by the Nagarathars community and dedicated to Tamil poet Mahakavi Chakravarthy Kamban. Towards the south of this temple, there is a Thai temple which features some ancient inscriptions as well as old relics on the walls.

Chettiar Palace


Otherwise called Chettiar Mansion, Chettiar Palace is arranged at Kanadukathan in the Chettinad locale. This royal residence used to be the home of the Chettinad Raja; however now it is a legacy lodging. Burmese teak wood is utilized as a part of the rooms of the chateau, and the furniture are said to be brought from a few European and East Asian nations. The feasting corridor in the royal residence obliges no less than 250 individuals at once. The stone-carved pillars in the open courtyard add beauty to the mansion.


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