Every region in the world has vacations spots that make them the envy of their neighbors. To judge which is the most luxurious, one must look at many exceptional factors that bring joy and adventure to life. These are the places where the high and mighty like to go for the holidays. The most luxurious vacations will ensure exceptional service and entertainment for their guests as they savour the delights of the land.

Although most believe they can’t afford luxury vacations, finding discounts and sales online isn’t as hard as it seems. Plus if you want to know about the best deals around, join a travel club like Vacation Smart International. Luxury is closer to you than you think, so without further adieu, here are the top 5 luxury spots.


The romantic capital of the world is full of palpitating and irresistible splendor that makes many lovers make it the choice for their honeymoon or proposal. Many have been married and engaged at the spectacular Eiffel tower while most travellers can’t get enough of the Louvre museum. The cuisine of the frenchman will leave your tongue tingling with pleasure as well as the fashionable natives.



After having fun at the city of light, holiday travels may lead you to the endless beaches of Miami. The best place to party and have a good time with friends and family. You will never have enough of this city in one day. The ancient Villa Vizcaya is a structure to behold and a nice venue for parties and balls. If you would rather explore the outdoors, the beaches offer a wide variety of five star hotels like the Five Seasons where you can dance the night away.


If you are looking for luxurious vacation in African wild, the place to be is Masai Mara in Kenya. The National park boasts many five star hotels like Serena Hotels and cottages where you can spend the nights after witnessing the spectacular wildebeest migration that happens between July and August. The country’s south coast is full of sprawling sandy beaches and the marine park at the Indian ocean which is one like none other with all types of marine life to see.


Australia’s capital is a place full of singularly beautiful monuments as well as a street full of restaurants and hotels at the Quay. Harbor Bridge is one of its most famous landmarks for its lanes of road and railway tracks where vacationers can participate in thrilling climbs over the arc. If you are afraid of heights a luxury spot in this land is the Hotel Marriott at Hyde park where you are pampered with tantalizing food and picturesque views of endless greenery.


Every tongue that speaks the name, also goes on to praise the Sheikhdom for the great transformation from poor desert land to one of the most reverred vacation destinations. The first step on Dubai’s soil, will tell you that you are in a land of fun, adventure and culture. The hotels that line the city include the tallest in the world, Burj Al Arab where you get to enjoy international standards and stress free vacations. Day time might find you on a long camel ride in the vast desert or at the cool artificial islands enjoying the ocean. You can visit the Golf courses or you can visit the indoor ski resort for rare snowy fun in the desert.

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