There are several options available when considering how to get to the airport on the day of departure. Whether you opt to hire a taxi, convince a friend to get you there or even make the brave decision of using public transport service, the best way to get to the airport on the departure day is to drive yourself and leave your car somewhere like East Midlands Airport Parking. Most people avoid driving themselves for fear of high parking charges but this does not necessarily have to be the case. Let’s look at five reasons why you might consider driving yourself to the airport…


1. It ‘s the cheapest option
Parking charges don’t necessarily have to be high. Websites such as offer fantastic prices. You may utilize such deals by pre-booking. For as little as fifty sterling pounds per week parking charges, driving yourself definitely makes sense. The charges will obviously be huge if you don’t pre-book and you could end up paying up to twenty pounds a day. So book in advance and enjoy the drive.

2. It’s reliable
Driving yourself can be the only reliable option. Many airports offer services that make this process easier, such as the Edinburgh Airport Parking section offered at this international hub. Being at the mercy of another person’s timetable is the last thing you need on the day of departure. With your car, you not only have the freedom to leave at your own pleasure but also the chance to plan your journey to create ample time. Driving yourself also puts you in control so you are aware you will arrive on time. The parking package may include a travel assistant depending on the company. With a travel assistant, you will receive traffic updates via text. This goes a long way to keep you away from congested routes, something which saves a lot of time and ensures you arrive on time.

3. Driving yourself is comfortable
Unless you have a chauffeur, you will most probably want to drive yourself. Struggling with your bags and other stuff as the train or bus wants to depart is a problem you’ll never have to worry about. With your car comes a large extension of freedoms like taking a toilet stop. For this reason, I guess we both agree to refer to your car as a small home away from home.

4. It’s convenient
The bliss of operating within your own schedule while driving in your own car is not just about being in control. Most airports have their parking sites relatively close to the terminal. Thus, when you get off your plane, your car could be waiting at a place like the Leeds Bradford Airport Parking area. This ensures that getting to the terminal from your car is very quick and completely stress-free. Getting back to the terminal if you happen to forget your wallet or something in your car is also very easy. This also offers you the convenience of setting off straightaway when you get back from your business trip or holiday and you can’t wait to reunite with your family and friends.

5. Privacy
Everyone wants some level of privacy and public service vehicles offer hardly any privacy. Perhaps you are taking a business trip involving issues that could get you nervous or stressed. What better way than to drive yourself to the airport instead of having to cope with rude drivers and passengers and handling your bags on top of your anxiety?

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