Technology has touched and changed every part of an individual’s life. Whether it is a housewife using the Internet to download a recipe for blueberry muffins or a business executive in the US researching a company based in some country he has never even heard of – technology is a huge game changer. Take the travel industry, there was a time when travelling to a foreign land was not only costly, but was fraught with uncertainties. Now the advent of low cost airlines has taken care of the former, and smartphones have eliminated the latter! Travelling to almost any part of the world has become surprisingly easy with the help of a smart device like the iPhone and some smart apps.


One of the charms of travelling anywhere is the ability to find the best possible combination of budget airlines and budget hotels. This is one app that can give the user comprehensive information on not just airlines and hotels but allow the user to read reviews and rating about these facilities as well. The individual can also make bookings for them from the device itself.


If one is travelling to a slightly remote location where Internet connection could get a bit iffy, then this is one application that is extremely critical. After all, it may not be only about finding low cost airlines during a travel. With this app, one can keep all manner of information safe and sound on the iPhone and probably sync it with the iPad as well. Information like hotel reservations, flight reservations and even scanned copies of important documents lke visas and passports can all be stored and accessed with the help of this application.


Who knew the iPhone could help one pack one’s bags too! With this application, one can keep a list of everything</a> that has been packed into the bags. This will help when one has to look for missing luggage and give the airport authorities the details of the contents of the bags.

Travel Itineraries

One thing that is crucial while one is travelling is flight itineraries. There are two apps that “qualify” under this label – TripIt and Travel # s. The latter can even help an individual with renting a car – which is extremely important when one is in a new place.



Keeping in touch with friends and family back home is extremely easy with the help of this application and what’s more, it is free when one is talking to another person who is also on Skype. It only takes finding a good Wi-Fi spot that brings one to the next application on this list.

Wi-Fi finder

Travelling abroad can be a bit of a drain on the pocket if one is not careful about data usage charges. With this application, an iPhone user can look for Wi-Fi hotspots and then use the same to stay connected and carry out various transactions.

OffMaps 2

Travelling in a foreign place also entails local travel. And, sometimes, it may not be possible to ask for directions. OffMaps 2 helps in downloading the maps of the destinations and bundle this with point of interest maps as well. Navigation is then possible even without an Internet connection. This application also generates information on the landmarks that one crosses.

Google Translate

It is always useful to know a bit about the destination’s language before setting course but if not, then one can download Google Translate that offers quite a huge range of services including text, voice input and spoken translations in varying measures for 63 languages.

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