Airports can be a nuisance especially when you have not prepared enough for logistics concerning the journey. You never know what might happen, from delays to long lines at checking in. There are a number of services available for places like Heathrow parking for people who wish to get from their homes and offices to the airport, such as car rentals, public transport and taxis, but it more efficient to drive yourself to the airport. Reasons for this are outlined below.


Driving yourself means that you only rely only on yourself to get to the airport on time. This eliminates a number of things that might delay you, especially if you are in a hurry. It gives you time to plan ahead and work for those who travel with their laptops. You have your own car at your disposal and you do not need to waste time waiting on another person. Eliminating third parties saves time.

The only thing you will need to do is a gas refill if the airport is a long way from your house or office. Compared to hiring a car service or taking the bus, places like Gatwick airport parking is much cheaper. You also get to save cash on calls to taxi services and car rentals.

A personal car provides you with the leisure of privacy to do things you might not have been able to do if you were in a taxi or public transport. You can easily grab a quick bite, make phone calls to family and colleagues, or plan for your journey, all without having to worry if you are bothering the next person. You can finish up on work such as sending emails.

Long term parking
Do you need to leave your car in Dublin airport parking for a long trip? Most airport parking lots offer long term parking in their lots for customers who wish to return to the airport after their travels. In addition to driving yourself to the airport you can have your car safely parked for when you return and drive yourself back home. A number of services are available for online booking of parking space and comparison of prices. Booking ahead saves money because prices are different for people who buy parking space directly at the airport.

Knowing that you will have your car at the parking when you get back from a long journey saves you the trouble of looking for taxi services at the airport. Most parking lots are located close to the terminals, meaning you do not need to worry about walking for long distances. You can wait in your car if you arrive at the airport very early.

Your personal car is going to be the last place you spend your time before flying. It is a welcome and comfortable feeling to be surrounded by the familiar smell of leather and interiors as you prepare yourself for a long journey. Your luggage is safe in the back seat and you do not have to worry about carrying it around, for instance when you are in a bus.

In conclusion, air travel can be very tiresome and frustrating if you have not planned ahead. Driving your own car is part of the plan that will reduce the headache of airports. It gives you enough time to concentrate on the journey and pay attention to other important things like work.

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