beachEveryone loves the beach. Who wouldn’t? With the nice weather and the beautiful scenery, swimming in the dark blue water is definitely awesome. You will find a lot of reasons why people regularly go to the beach. It’s a terrific way to unwind! Consider walking and holding hands together with your partner, go scuba diving and taking pleasure in a few beach rides.

The best beaches can draw in vacationers from around the globe. Here is a list of some of the best beaches where you can spend some time alone or with your family:

The Dahab beach of Egypt is definitely one of the finest. It’s situated close to the Sinal desert. One of its attractions is its golden sand. The mountain ranges serves as a great backdrop. The view is fantastic both during daytime and nighttime. Even though Dahab is a small beach resort, it is still considered as one of the best places to visit if you prefer to experience a warm holiday at a resort which can be found along the Red Sea.

The Curonian Spit in Lithuania is famous because of the unique combination of dunes and forest. Here, people love several activities such as kayaking, fishing, swimming, and hiking.

If you wish to visit Tanzania, then it is a must that you go to the Jambiani beach in order to experience a wonderful vacation. Residents will be offering boat rides in the evening. Most tourists love to join these rides to mingle with each other and to enjoy the sunset.

The Kerala Coast in India can also be included in the list of the world’s best beaches. If you want to view a 600 km string of coconut palm, then the Kerala fringed beaches is the perfect place to be. You can book for an advanced accommodation at the Kovalam resort. The blue water is the most amazing feature that tourists love to look at when they visit this place.

When you travel to the Perhentian Island, you will surely notice the Pulau Perhentian beaches. These beaches will certainly suit the taste of those who love to venture through the tropical jungle. There are various activities that you can enjoy during your stay. You can get a tan, dive, swim, and go frolicking and scuba diving.

The Punalu’u beach in Hawaii has been regarded as one of the most unique beaches in the world because of its black sand. In addition to this, the area is also a favorite breeding ground for various types of green sea turtles. Punalu’u’s dark blue water is also equally captivating. Children and adult both love to play at the beach and enjoy the warm sun and the cool see breeze.

If you are looking for white sand beaches, you might want to travel to the beaches of Indonesia and Philippines. Vacation time and holidays should be spent in a place where you can totally relax. Visit the beach and you will surely be rejuvenated.

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