Nigeria is a country in equatorial West Africa. It is the continent’s most populous nation. It has a southern coastline on the Gulf of Guinea, and has Benin to the west, Cameroon to the southeast, Chad to the northeast, and Niger to the north.

Nigeria is a country situated in the western coastal region of the African continent. The country is rich in natural beauty like, long blue beaches, rivers and lakes, forests, breathtaking views of the waterfalls and soothing environment. The natural beauty is a main factor behind the up- gradation of Nigeria tourism. Tourism in Nigeria is growing rapidly and it is among the tourism industry is a good revenue earner for the country. Nigeria has a wide range of tourist activities to offer. It is a coastal country and the main attraction for the tourists is the long beaches and the marine activities. Apart from this, the other attractions are the historical monuments, exciting trips to the tropical forests, exploring the wildlife, art and culture and the lifestyle of the country.


Traditions and culture of the country represents the simplicity in the lifestyle of the dwellers.The markets of Nigeria showcase the handicrafts and sculptures, the hotels and other accommodation facilities represent the warm hospitality and local customs and the calm and peaceful environment enhances into the beauty of the country. These factors make the memories of Nigeria tour everlasting.

Millennium Park

Besides breathtaking sights, exciting landscapes and architectural masterpiece, natural beauty of Abuja city is undeniable. Latest addition to the natural attraction of city is the Millennium Park which was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II of England. The park is a top spot for birdwatchers in Abuja.

Kajuru Castle

Kajuru Castle is not an ancient monument, it was built in 1978 by a controversial German expatriate living in Kaduna. The style is very European and clearly German with a baronial hall, complete with suits of armour. It has dungeon-style bedrooms and towers with crenulated walls.

Cross River National Park

This wildlife park is a top tourist attraction with hundreds of animals and birds. The park is known for its naturally preserved inhabitants that offers so many activities to get the visitors engaged. The park has many localised species of plants and animals such as gorilla, drill chimpanzee, gwantibo or golden potto forest elephant, saleginella etc.

Yankari Game Reserve

Yankari is a top destination for wildlife and eco-tourism. It is a place to see some of the Africa’s greatest animals such as elephants, lions, tigers etc. Another feature at Yankari is Wikki Warm Springs with flood-lit at night and lovely warm water to bath in. An ideal place for bird watchers, because the variety of birds here is astounding.

Idanre Hills

Located in Idanre town, the hills are unique tourist haven that attracts mystery lovers, spiritualists and lovers of adventure from all parts of the world. Idanre Hill is a cluster of intimidating and imposing hills that houses some wonderful things which confound the senses. The hills surround the town, envelopes it and dominates life in the town.


Awhum Waterfall

Located in Enugu, a city known for natural features likes, caves, waterfalls, galleries, springs, hills and monumental or archeological collections, Awhum Waterfall is more than 30 meters high. The fall is closely located to a monastery. The water is said to be curative and capable of dispelling evil or satanic forces if and wherever sprinkled.

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