Wales’s scenic mountains, valleys and coastlines are even as enthralling, and no visit to Wales is complete without an extended tramp through one in all its beautiful national parks. An summary of the simplest places to go to in Wales:

St. David’s Cathedral

Located in the City of St. David’s in Pembrokeshire county, St. David’s Cathedral is a beautiful example of religious architecture in the Middle Ages. The patron saint of Wales, St. David was a Welsh bishop of the Catholic Church during the 6th century and was buried in the site’s original structure. Construction for the existing cathedral was begun in the 1180s using purple-colored sandstone. Now part of the Church of Wales, the Norman cathedral houses numerous treasures, including 800-year-old bishop staffs gilded with gold, 13th-century silver chalices and a 1620 edition of the Welsh Bible.

Located within the town of St. David’s in Pembrokeshire county, St. David’s Cathedral may be a stunning exampleof spiritual design within the Middle Ages. The guardian of Wales, St. David was a Welsh bishop of the Christian church throughout the sixth century and was buried within the site’s original structure. Construction for the present cathedral was begun within the 1180s victimisation purple-colored arenaceous rock. currently a part ofthe Church of Wales, the Norman cathedral homes varied treasures, as well as 800-year-old bishop staffs gilded with gold, 13th-century silver chalices and a 1620 edition of the Welsh Bible.


Brecon Beacons National Park

Named after the pair of nearly 900-meter (3,000-foot) hills placed within the heart of the park, Brecon Beacons options a landscape of rolling hills, rocky river valleys, grasslands and water meadows. The park is dotted with archaeologic remnants of Wales’ long history too, as well as Neolithic cairns, Bronze Age standing stones, Iron Age forts and crumbling Norman castles. The park additionally contains varied underground caves and exquisite waterfalls, as well as the Sgwd yr Eira Waterfall  wherever guests will walk behind a curtain of water. The parkland Centre set close to town of Brecon may be a sensible place to start explorations of the park.


Located within the southeast corner of Wales, Cardiff became the country’s capital in 1955 and launched variety of projects to enhance the traditional port town shortly thenceforth. The 74,200-seat Millennium arena and therefore the artistic movement Wales Millennium Centre for the arts have currently joined Cardiff Castle because the city’s star attractions. The 11th-century castle provides guests a good introduction to Welsh history, and a climb to the highest of the keep offers gorgeous views of town and surrounding countryside. With its exhibits of Roman pottery and gold jewellery jewelry dating back to the Bronze Age, the National Museum Cardiff is also a must-see attraction.


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