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What Does An All-Inclusive Vacation Really Include?

Have you ever imagined taking an all-inclusive trip to somewhere hot, like Cabo San Lucas or Havana? Just picture it: you on a beach with an endless supply of drinks in your hand, working on your tan. What could be more exciting? Not much! However, the term all-inclusive may not actually be as inclusive as […]

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Signs you Need a Winter Getaway

As many merits as winter has, it is quite famous for bringing people down. Why not escape the winter blues this year by escaping to somewhere warm like the Canary Islands or Caribbean? The weather is great, the food is amazing and you’ll come back well rested and ready to take on life with your […]

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Riga or Ljubljana

  Often in life we are tasked with making decisions that mean that we have to choose one option at the exclusion of competing options. In this thought experiment we are going to consider if you were taking fairly esoteric holiday to Europe and you have to make a choice between the two lovely, but […]

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