As many merits as winter has, it is quite famous for bringing people down. Why not escape the winter blues this year by escaping to somewhere warm like the Canary Islands or Caribbean? The weather is great, the food is amazing and you’ll come back well rested and ready to take on life with your batteries recharged. If winter makes you depressed, cheap holidays from Cosmos is your cure, as they offer vacations to tons of great locales all over the world.

Unsure if you need a winter getaway? Take a look at the reasons below to see if they speak to you!

beach-sea-130716The Cold Gets You Down

Some people just don’t get along with winter – if they were in the same class in school, their report might read: does not play well with Winter. You’re not crazy though if you feel this way, as the lack of sunlight, indoor lifestyle and reduced physical activity are common factors in a negative mood. Thankfully, getting away to a warm island resort in the Caribbean, Mediterranean or elsewhere can instantly set things right, helping you get through the cold that at times can seem never ending.

You Need a Shake up in your Routine

Getting into a good routine can make you productive and feel secure, but it can also be the death of excitement and spontaneity. If your plans for the winter consist of watching a few dozen seasons of some show and crossing off the days on the calendar until it’s time to go grocery shopping again, you are likely in need of a vacation.

Snapping at Everyone

Are you a bit touchy towards other people? Does the thought of others getting to do something fun just about make you rip their heads off? Are the little things that make you like someone driving you up the wall? It might be that you just need something to look forward to, like a holiday, to keep you from fixating on the little things that will drive you crazy. Sure, others might actually be irritating, but maybe they need a holiday too?

You Haven’t been away in FOREVER

Some people go away every year or multiple times a year, but others never seem to leave home. Is it because of money, time or you just never seem to get around to it? Maybe you’re a little afraid of leaving the comfort of your home? The good news is that doing things that scare you, that are unusual, are great for your sense of well being and create memories that will be well worth the expense (and with so many deals out there to be had, cost shouldn’t be one of your excuses!)

You’re Reading This

It’s a bit of a trap, but if something like this caught your eye then you probably are in dire need of a holiday. The best cure for the winter blues is a few good doses of sunshine, good food and a change of scenery and lucky for you, there are hundreds of great destinations waiting for you this winter. Whether you’re booking last minute or well in advance, be sure to get away this winter and beat those blues.

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