So you’ve got a bit of time off coming up and you’re not sure what you should do. Here’s a suggestion – go see the world. It will be a great time where you’ll learn a ton about a new place and especially about yourself. Only one problem – where are you going to get the money for all this? Or rather, it would be a problem but it’s lucky you had a savings account to fund your amazing adventures with!


Some people may shy away from using their savings to go on a holiday with but when it comes down to it, travel is one of the best uses of money there is. Sure, you can save for a rainy day or for the unexpected but the problem with that mindset is you’re saving for something that may never happen and even if it does, there may be other avenues to take to deal with it. Do you know how depressing it is to always be worrying about what could go wrong? Break the cycle now!

The brilliant thing about travel is it opens up new avenues of life you never considered before. Maybe you used to care a lot about owning a lot of ‘stuff’ or never tried certain kinds of food because of what you thought your tastes were – this can all change with a simple trip to somewhere new.

Maybe you’ve been saving up to get a new couch and love seat for your living room? Or maybe your wife’s birthday is coming up and you were going to buy her something sparkly? Well maybe your old furniture still works and she has enough jewellery – wouldn’t a week in Paris be far more memorable than something you’ll spill wine on or be forgotten about in a box in a few months?

Simply put, using your savings to travel is an investment in yourself. You may figure out new things you like, new things to save for and new places to focus your energy. The old things you used to worry about may melt away and you may have your eyes opened to new ones, or tackle problems in a whole new manner. You may have been saving all wrong before. Remember the old saying ‘spend money to make money’? Well in this case, why not try spending money to gain experience?

The next time you’re looking at your bank statement and deciding what you should do with all that hard earned money, consider taking a trip with it to Europe or Asia or anywhere you heart desires. Savings accounts are dreams account because everyone should have them and they should be mostly a source of hope and pleasure. If you don’t have one, open one today – or for more interest use an ISA – and start planning for the amazing memories you’re going to create.

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