The Czech Republic has become a favorite traveler destination for several travellers who crave one thing off of the normal European tour path. it’s a favourite destination for people who like older design, partly as a result of this little inland country went principally untouched throughout the world wars, and partly as a result of the realm has been owned by totally different nations with different architectural influences throughout the last millennium. Prices are lower for people who wish to realize the simplest deal, and therefore the culture is a lot of “authentic”, or unspoiled by traveler demands. The result is a charmingstep back to a fairytale world of “Real Europe.” Here are a number of the simplest places to go towithin the Czech Republic:



This western Bohemian town is that the fourth largest within the Czech Republic, and is understood worldwide because the home and beer. For those craving for nice design, St Bartholemew’s Cathedral, the Great Synagogue, and the Renaissance style Town Hall are must-sees.  The city may be a spirited economic center, home of breweries like Pilsener Urquell, and therefore the well-known University of West Bohemia, the nation’s premiere faculty of Law.

Moravian Karst

This geologic phenomenon is in an exceedingly naturally protected region of the Czech Republic, simply north of city. This can be an enormous series of underground sedimentary rock caverns and gorges that stretch for thousands of sq. kilometers. The region includes such highlightsbecause the Macocha abysm, a gorge 138 meter (453 foot) deep, that fashioned throughout a collapse of one of the underground cavern ceilings. Additionally to caverns, Moravian Karst conjointly contains marked bicycle trails and hiking methods to explore.


This eastern town on the once border between Bohemia and Moravia sat on an important trade on a vital trade route known as the Tristenice Path. within the late sixteenth century, the foremost notable building within the city was created, a renaissance-style castle. This palace is that the birthplace of noted classical musician Bedrich Smetana. Another highlight within the city is that the Portmoneum, the previous home of art lover Josef Portmon, and a tribute to art that covers walls, floors, ceilings and piece of furniture in an exceedingly fully immersive style.



Olomouc was originally created as a Roman fort during the imperial period. The name is a corrupted version of its Roman name, Mount Julius. It later became the residence of the Moravian governor. There is much to see here, as the town was considered important during almost every century of the last millennium. Olomouc Castle dates back to the twelfth century, and has in it the beautiful Saint Wencelas Cathedral. The town is populated with more than a dozen lovely religious buildings from progressive architectural styles, six notable baroque fountains that are a point of pride, a notable art museum, and the spectacular astronomical clock.

Image by Dariusz Sieczkowski, Dariusz SieczkowskiThomas Depenbusch under CC License.


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