Really what it is that costs people a lot of money is keeping up with the Jones; if you were to eliminate chasing status from your life so many of your expenses would disappear into nothing. Travel does cost, there are plane tickets, food, shelter, bills… but, with that said there are ways to circumvent, or at least greatly reduce these costs and keep you out there on  the road for longer. Place a few of these principles into your travel game and you can keep on traveling into the broad and distant future.

iphoneDitch the Possessions and Obsessions

One of the glories of being out there on the road is the discovery of just how little you actually need. The car, the cable TV package, the dishwasher, the closet full of clothes… all this stuff becomes a distant second to the freedom the road provides. Once you are on the road you get to ditch the society manufactured obsession for status and start taking in just the needs you need to survive. In the end the lightness this entails will slip down into your spirit as well and make you light inside yourself.

Embrace Traveling and the Simple Life

The truest things a person needs are clean water, fresh air, healthy food, companionship, exercise, self esteem, and a safe place to sleep. Most of these things are free and can be collected while traveling. In particular, once you are outside of major North American cities you can get food and a place to sleep fairly in expensively. Again the need for status clouds people from seeing that it is these primary needs that truly drive us not feeling that one is better than others.

Develop a useful skill 

If you have a useful skill that people of all walks of life require – such as cooking or carpentry – you can barter that skill anywhere in the world for free lodging, money, and food. Even more niche skills such as web site design or even just using your English language ability to teach in schools. Develop a necessary skill and you can travel forever.

Lodging and Free Food is as simple as trusting in People 

Outside of major cities the truth is that a lot of people are willing to open up their homes in exchange for a few chores. A great idea is to try couch surfing, which will put you in contact with people who want to host others in their homes. You may also look to the WWOOF web sites to see about working on an organic fruit farms around the world in exchange for free room and board.

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