Have you ever considered the possibility of earning your daily bread while traveling? If you have perhaps being a travel writer is the right vocation for you. Naturally this isn’t something for everyone and it will take some definite hard work and perseverance to achieve, but it is indeed possible to be a travel writer and this blog will provide a few of the steps that you need to take to make it happen.

lizzieFind your Niche

There are different genres of travel writing. Perhaps you are more inclined to write about your own stories, or restaurants you`ve eaten, or your experiences volunteering. The way to find out which style connects most to you is to keep a daily journal for a week or two and see what naturally comes on to the page as you write. After you have a discerned style you need to look to find places to get published.

Investigate the Online Writing Market 

This will involve you sifting through different ads, perhaps on Craigslist… but there are others as well, to see the opportunities for freelance writers. Once you have a few that appeal to your situation and the writing that you would like to do be ready to send them some writing samples along with a letter to explain what writing you want to do and the money that you want to earn.

Investigate the Local Travel Blog Scene 

The next step is to get online and check out blogs in your language that pertain to where you have traveled or where you are going to go. Once you have been proactive and try to email the editor and explain how you could be a valuable contributor to the site. Of importance you will need to be able to explain how you will be able to bring more visitors to the site.

Network, Network, Network… 

The most important thing you can do if you are interested in writing is try in person and online to market yourself to people that have web sites are connections to people that do. Never be pushy, just explain to people you meet that you have abilities as a writer and that you are interested in finding work. The possibility is there that this could really lead to something.

Be Vigilant not to get tricked 

Be wary of certain web sites that will look to extort your writing from you for next to nothing. Often sites like this employ many writers expecting high dropout rates and offer uncompetitive wages and behave very unprofessionally. These sites can often be spotted when they are advertised all over various writing sections obviously looking for a bulk of writers.

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