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beachWhen you’re planning a long trip, one of the things that’s always at the top of your mind is money – how much you’ll need, how much you’re going to spend, and how you can potentially make some while you’re gone, to avoid coming back (completely) broke.
While getting a working visa and finding temp or casual work while you’re travelling is one option, there are other ways to make money if you don’t want to spend so many hours of your day working at a bar or shop when you could be exploring the world around you.

Here are some easy ways to make a little bit of extra cash on your trip.

Rent out your room
While it won’t actually make you any profit, renting out your room or apartment temporarily while you’re gone is a great way to at least cover your rental costs. Since it will be short term, you can even charge a little bit extra to cover your costs, such as if you decide to put your valuables in self storage while you’re gone.

Advertise on sites like Gumtree or Craigslist, or hit up your network of friends online to see if anyone will be in town while you’re gone, and is interested in renting out your space. Be sure to coordinate with your housemates and let them know when you’ll be leaving and who they’ll need to collect rent from, and make sure you organise this well in advance – you don’t want to desperately searching for someone to live in your place three days before you leave.

Sign up for online freelancing websites
Sites like ‘People per Hour’ post job ads for small freelance jobs which you can complete online or via email – perfect for long train rides with your laptop handy. Employers post job ads, specifying the type of work (jobs can include typing, writing, programming, data entry etc.), how much the freelancer will be paid (either per hour or as a lump sum) and then freelancers “bid” on the jobs – the person who the employer thinks is best for the job will get it.

Write guest reviews for blogs
Travel bloggers are out there to share their experiences of travelling with their readers. But it’s impossible for them to go everywhere, stay in every hostel, and give reviews for all of these places. That’s where you come in – there are a number of blogs that offer small amounts of money or rewards to people who can submit honest and entertaining reviews of hostels that they’ve stayed in around the world. is one such example – this blog offers $5 per review, and the bonus is that you’ll be providing them with good, honest information to pass on to their readers. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Author bio: Alex Taylor is a freelance writer and avid traveller who knows all about packing up her life into self storage and moving overseas temporarily to pursue her globetrotting adventures. She’s the one to come to for advice on making moolah, choosing a hostel, or scoping out storage solutions to keep your precious stuff safe until your return.

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