There are many elements that are accountable for the perfection of weather, but if you actually long to expertise some time in the countries with the most well liked climates, this list is truly attending to help you a lot.

Many of the countries named during this list expertise a hot & wet climate throughout the year with a consistency in high temperature, but additionally many of them expertise heat throughout summers solely. Numerous factors influence the temperature of the region.

At times, some external factors like high density of population and pollution additionally bring about to high temperatures.


MexicoThis country present in Central America is placed on the 10th position during this list. Due to the several Hollywood films, we have a tendency to understand Mexico as a dangerous and dry place. And it’s unhappy to examine that it is actually the same in reality. Sometimes, on a summer day, the average temperature can rise very high as 50 degree centigrade in Mexico.
There are many dry grasslands within the region. Due to its temperate climate and refreshing beaches, several Mexican cities area among the simplest vacation destinations throughout summer in the world.


This country settled in Africa has regular hot temperatures throughout the year. It may not come among the safest countries however it undoubtedly has managed to be one amongst the most well liked countries of the planet. settled in Africa’s Wretched horn area, the north-eastern a part of Africa, Somalia experiences terribly less rainfall in the entire year.

The temperature goes up to 50 degrees. individuals living during this country are on an amazing stage of starvation as because of lack of water and irrigation food growth isn’t possible. This country keeps on bearing major famines and droughts.


indiaIn the Indian Subcontinent, the good range of mountains within the northern region and north-eastern parts of India don’t stop the hot air from the ocean to rise the normal average temperature. India experiences a mean temperature of 50 degrees during the summer months in some western, southern and central regions of the country.
So the hot temperatures throughout the summers are temporary. However a number of the coastal parts of India like Kerala, state and plenty are quite hot a holidaymaker destination within the winter season.


We typically presume the countries in African continent to be dry grasslands or deserts as we have a tendency to watch within the movies. Sudan is found in Africa’s northern region. As it could be a desert-land, Sudan is one of the driest and hottest countries within the world with a mean temperature of fifty two degree Celsius. The prime problem of Desertification persists in the country. And because of the continuous rise in the temperatures there are several severe famines and droughts taking place which puts the human, plant and animal life in danger. This country receives nearly no rainfall.


OmanThe Arab State, Oman, is celebrated to be one amongst the richest countries of the planet, but did you recognize about its position within the hottest countries of the world? No, you didn’t. For nearly 5-6 months in a year, Oman’s temperature is around 50 to 53 degree Celsius. Being a rich nation, several facilities have been given to the individuals residing within the country to fight against such severe heat.
For an instance, the bus stops, trains, the buses, etc are all utterly cool. It experiences very little rainfall however even little rainfall is restricted to the Oman’s mountainous areas like the Dhofar Mountains.

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