Earlier this month, MasterCard released its Index of Global Destination Cities, that appearance at the number of international guests to 132 totally different cities round the world. From this, it’s simple to spot the top most visited cities within the whole of Africa for 2014. Africa may be vast, stunning continent with such a lot of totally different cultures to experience: how many of these cities have you ever visited?

Entebbe, Uganda

If you were asked to make a general list of cities in Africa, chances is that Entebbe wouldn’t be one amongst the primary top you think that of. Yet, somehow, It’s crept into the tenth spot on this list of most visited cities in Africa. The actual fact that it’s set to see so many visitors is even more surprising when you consider that this isn’t even Uganda’s capital city! Perhaps this is one to watch – the next big traveller hotspot!Entebbe

Dakar, Senegal

Dakar, the capital of Senegal, is that the ninth most visited town in Africa. Its location on the very west coast of Africa means it’s a active port, that has become a very important place for each international trade and – you guessed it – international guests. This town most likely isn’t high on several people’s lists of vacation destinations, but with well over 600,000 guests this year alone, the numbers don’t lie.

Nairobi, Kenya

The 14th largest city in Africa by population, Nairobi is that the eighth most visited town in continent in 2014. It’s the capital town of Kenya, and has spectacular links with the rest of the world. Aside from all the local businesses, hundreds of international companies have taken up residence in Nairobi, that has boosted its range of tourists from round the world.Nairobi

Accra, Ghana

In seventh spot is may be another stunning name on this list – Accra in Ghana. With a population of over 2 million individuals, it’s an implausibly massive town, drawing guests from all corners of the world. Several of those come for business purposes, but Accra does have several attractions which would be appealing to tourists, as well.

Durban, South Africa

DurbanDurban is the first of three South African cities to appear on this list of most visited cities in Africa. Its huge number of international visitors is as a result of both business and leisure purposes – Durban has the biggest port in Africa, making it a hotspot for international trade. However, it is also very popular with holidaymakers, who come looking for its warm climate and popular attractions.

Image by Michell Zappa,Wing,Darren J Glanville,D-Stanley Under Creative Common License.

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