Located within the region of Attica, Athens could be a sprawling town established among seven historic hills and enclosed by outstanding mountains. inhabited for over 3,000 years, Athens is wide called the cradle of civilisation and therefore the birthplace of democracy. Because the largest and capital town of Balkan nation, Athens is additionally the political, commercial, money and cultural center of Greece.

Consisting of an oversized centre, associate urban district and metropolitan space, Athens presents a confusing mix of historical and trendy options. the town far-famed|is legendary|is known} for itsarchaeologic ruins and monuments like the famous bastion, the temple, the traditional Agora and therefore the Theater of Dionysos simply to call some. However, Athens isn’t near to ancient ruins. This active town is additionally a vital center for business, culture, nightlife and sports.

At the heart of Athens is its city square, Syntagma Square, that options the Parliament buildings, shops, cafes and inexperienced areas. Outside the town center could be a big range of contemporary attractions that range from museums and art galleries to mega looking malls to zoos and water parks.

The nightlife scene of Athens rivals that of any other European city. From a plethora of bars, dance halls and nightclubs to the world’s largest concentration of theaters and performance venues, Athens offers an abundance of nightlife choices.
Having hosted the Summer Olympics twice, once in 1896 and then again in 2004, Athens boasts a long tradition with sports. Home to two of the country’s largest stadiums as well as other sports complexes, Athens is host to a variety of sporting events such as soccer, football, volleyball and water polo.

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