Finland’s thirty seven national parks and its array of economic cruises plying major coastal cities within the Baltic Region offer the country a robust tourism industry. So, don’t miss out on Finland as a spectacular traveller destination wherever you’ll be able to get pleasure from Nordic skiing, yachting, lake cruising, kayaking, bird watching, and lots of other outdoor activities. Here are top traveller attractions in Finland.


Saint Olaf’s Castle

Located in Savonlinna, the picturesque medieval fortress is an absolute go-to place for your Finnish vacation. Saint Olaf’s Castle was in-built 1475 to watch the border between Russia and Finland. The castle’s architecture and style was increased over the years. Its eclectic form existing today makes it a center of the lively Savonlinna Opera Festival, an annual festivity that mixes music with the unique spirit of Finland.

Fortress of Suomenlinna

Visit the fortress of Suomenlinna in the summer and be amazed. This breathtaking tourist attraction is found in the entrance to Helsinki’s harbor. Suomenlinna is a popular Finnish landmark because it breathes the history of the Baltic region. Built in the eighteenth century, the magnificent naval fortress of Suomenlinna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fortress was erected to defend Sweden against Russia. It is a striking relic of European military infrastructure.


Market Square

Like the fortress of Suomenlinna, the bustling Market Square is also situated in Helsinki. Market Square is a hall close to the South Harbor. Sip a cup of coffee inside one of the cafés to experience the joyous bustle of Helsinki. This busy tourist attraction is your place to go if you want to buy souvenirs commemorating your vacation to Finland. Market Square has a diverse offering of handmade goods, spices, vegetables, and fish.

Seurasaari Island

To escape the busy town, head on a few many kilometers to downtown Helsinki. You’ll reach the serene Seurasaari Island, a gorgeous place that embodies the Finnish spirit. The island has an eclectic outd oor museum, a country shop, and several traditional cottages and farmhouses. Hike around the island, and enjoy the scenery as you breathe in fresh air.

Koli National Park

You cannot go wrong with the thick pine forests, clear lake waters, rare geological formations, and rolling hills of this Finnish tourist attraction. Considered one of the most famous landscapes in Finland, Koli National Park boasts of a rich network of reserves and national parks. The rolling hills in Koli National Park are remnants of mountains that formed two billion years ago. Take a nature hike and watch abundant plant species and various animals in their natural habitats.

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