Being a student who wants to travel isn’t easy – especially if you’re looking to study overseas. Between those outrageous international student fees, getting there and then the often staggering cost of living (depending on where you’re going to), it can be enough to discourage even the most enthusiastic travellers. Of course if you’re just looking to travel during the break times, you’re in for a much more inexpensive holiday – but it’s still tough to find ways to save up enough money.

new-orleansAfter talking with a few bloggers, we’ve come across three tried and true methods for making your student travel dreams a reality. Whether it’s through the good old fashioned pleading with family approach or going online to compare bank accounts easily for your spending needs, you’re sure to choose one of these methods for getting out into that crazy world and expanding your horizons. There’s no better time to do it than when you’re young!

Here’s how you can finance your travels:

Beg Your Parents

Yes, it’s not pretty but it may get the job done, particularly if your parents do come from somewhat above modest means. They may actually be more enthusiastic about the idea than you think, perhaps having travelled themselves when they were younger and wanting you to do the same. Of course, this option isn’t for everyone and just because you don’t have a benefactor taking care of you doesn’t mean you are out of options…

Open Your Own Bank Account

Nothing says prudent financial planning quite like a bank account where you can stash your savings and watch it grow into a sweet trip fund. Get online and research Lloyds TSB student bank accounts and figure out which one makes the most sense for you, depending on your travels, the length of time you’re going to be saving for and the kind of access you want. Everyone should have a bank account of their own, as it teaches good money management, which is key for being able to travel responsibly while still having fun at the same time. And yes, if your parents should happen to drop a few ‘surprises’ into your account from time to time, who’s to complain?

Get a Job Overseas

Having a steady incoming flow of money is essential for long term travel and getting a job overseas is a great way to take care of yourself. Sometimes you simply cannot – your school schedule is too much or maybe you aren’t staying put anywhere long enough – but if you can find a way to be making money while you are travelling WITHOUT breaking the law, you’ll be in a good situation. Stash that money in your bank account to access wherever you head to next and maybe even buy a present or two for your loving parents who are stuck at home! Who says students can’t be thoughtful?

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