If you want to be a long term traveler then the way to do it is accumulate little so you are always free to move. Generally this isn`t a difficult thing to do while you are amongst the always mobile world of the travelers, however travelling on a longer term often requires that the traveler take up employment. That employment often requires staying somewhere longer, buying clothes for it and perhaps getting roped back into the status game. That is where things get tricky. Here are a few thoughts on staying free to be the traveler you want to be.

angkor-wat-2For Travelers the Status Game is Altered

Amongst travelers the greatest commodity and status is the amount of experiences that they have had. Flashy clothes aren`t really seen as to hot of a thing whereas tales about your expedition to the Angkor Wat that is what draws attention. With that said, the traveler has to remember who it is he/she wants to be amoungst when he is living as an expat and the urge, as it will, props up to accumulate some things. Some items are necessary for work, like wearing the appropriate clothes, but there is no need to exaggerate that. In the end, what is most important is being to leave at a moments notice.

If what you own fits into one bag then you can move at will 

The ideal for the traveler is having everything they need being able to fit into one bag for ease of movement. When opportunity affords itself ideally a traveller should be ready to move themselves, and the worldly possessions they have, in 15 minutes. The travel axiom holds true what ever you have you have to carry. This means it is also a good idea to be ready to quickly dump non necessary items and not get attached to what it is you buy.

Utility not vanity… 

Not to say that while traveling, having one decent pair of clothes for an appropriate social function isn`t a good thing, but the main question as to what makes the cut to stay inside your backpack is what do you REALLY need. Useful clothes and items are versatile and meet your basic requirements. Going beyond those requirements, though we all do a bit because we`re human, is a waste of space in your bag and an impediment to you as a traveler being able to move easily and freely. Pack well and go far…

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