The tiny nation of Slovenia lies in south-central Europe nestled between Italy to the west, Austria to the north and Hungary and Croatia to the east. A part of erstwhile Yugoslavia, the nation became independent in 1991.

Although cheap flights from rest of Europe have made it an easy weekend destination and the capital, Ljubljana, is usually popular among tourists, the entire country boasts wonderland landscapes. Plus the country is so small you can practically rent a car or motorbike and road trip across it. You can find the best motorbike insurance deals online by comparing different providers and zeroing in on the ideal one for your needs. This needs to be done before you set off on your Slovenian summer adventure.

It is one of the cleanest, greenest countries in the world and English is spoken almost everywhere. The country is beautiful in every season, but summer has its own attractions and is the peak tourist season. Popular summer holiday destinations, apart from the tiny capital of Ljubljana, are the Adriatic seaside resort of Portoroz, the town of Kranjska Gora situated in Zgornjesavska Valley and the resort town of Bled adjoining Lake Bled in the Julian Alps.

A tourist will not lack for things to do in Slovenia summer.

• Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia. It is quite small when compared to other European capitals but the city has a lot to offer to visitors
Do a walking tour of the capital Ljubljana. Ljubljana has transformed itself from a congested gridlock to one of the greenest and most eco-friendly cities in Europe.

You can visit the Ljubljana Castle situated east of the Old Town. Choose to walk up the 375-meter tall hill or take the funicular railway. The castle offers a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside and the city below.

Explore the cafes on the river walk. The cafe culture is possibly the most enchanting aspect of the city, and quite likely the most enjoyable activity in Ljubljana.
Visit the museum which has interactive and multimedia displays on Slovenia’s history and culture.

See the Dragon Bridge. Legend has it that he was the first resident of Ljubljana and that Greek Argonauts fought and defeated him on their way back to Greece.

• Piran

Visit Piran a lovely coastal village in the Istria region situated by the Adriatic Sea. It has one of the best central squares in Europe.

Go up the Bell Tower. It was built in the year 1608 and has a bell from the 15th century. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the entire Istrian coastline from the top of the 46-meter tall tower.

Watch the sunset over the Adriatic from the waterfront.

Admire the view of the peninsula of Izola.

Explore the quaint alleys and visit the city wall parts of which date back to the 7th century.

• Soča River Valley

Soča River Valley is home to one of the most beautiful rivers not only in Slovenia but probably in all of Europe. The turquoise-hued rapids flowing through untouched mountainside forests creates unparalleled beauty.

Go whitewater kayaking in the Soča River which is one of the most popular things to do in Slovenia summer?

Visit the 200 meters long Tolmin Gorge and the Devils Bridge which spans it 60 meters above Tolminka River.

Visit Kobarid a small town is known for being part of the Soča front in World War I which is mentioned in Hemingway’s novel Farewell to Arms

Visit Napoleon Bridge an important architectural landmark built by Napoleon which spans the aquamarine waters of Nadiža River.

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