Not many words can describe the exhilarating experience that river cruising is. With many new river boats being built in the last decade, river cruises have become is an extremely hot thing in the travel world today. While cruise ships are great and let you touch continents, river cruises take you to the insides of cities and towns. Before you set out to relax on a river cruise, it is very important to keep a few things in check to prevent any debacles from occurring during your break.

Here are our top five suggestions that you should keep in mind for maximum enjoyment and minimum hassles on a river cruise:

1. Cross- check your documentation

This tip is not only pertinent to river cruising, but any kind of travel that you might be venturing into. Make sure you double check everything before leaving home, including the tickets for your cruise, hotel reservations, personal IDs, transfer arrangements, etc. Cross check the spelling of your name, address, etc. on all these documents. If you are travelling to a country which requires a visa permit, make sure you have all your visa documentation in order as well.

2. Research your destination thoroughly

This is an important travel tip that you should follow to plan your vacations and adventures better. Grab a travel book on your destination, or Google it and start reading about it. This will give you a better idea of the place you are headed to and the things you would like to explore there. In fact, watching movies or reading fictional novels that are set in your destination will not be a bad idea either. We know somebody who saw Eat Pray Love before her cruise to Bali and she could not help her obsession with Ubud!

3. Pack light

It is common knowledge that packing light is listed as an important requirement for most airlines and it is also known that most people casually override this. However, it is very convenient if you pack as little as possible, and the men ignore their formal blazers and women skip their maxi dresses and high heels. Also, when travelling light, you wouldn’t mind buying a souvenir or two extra since you have ample space to shop and take things back home!

4. Carry the local currency in your pocket

Irrespective of how wealthy you might be in your home country, if you are not carrying local currency in your destination, it could prove to be very problematic. This is especially true for Europe, where it is always beneficial to have Euros in your pocket for the smaller purchases, since many roadside vendors and cafes do not accept credit cards.

5. Check Weather reports

Travelling on rivers requires a different set of rules, and there is always a variance in temperatures and precipitation on a cruise. Pack the hideous raincoat and poncho that you stuffed in your teenage trunk because you do not want to get drenched in rain while vacationing.

With river cruises becoming more popular than ever before, they offer an a great chance to enjoy a memorable experience. Make sure you plan right and follow the above mentioned tips to make it the ultimate vacation of a lifetime!

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